What we do: We award grants to non-profits conducting vision research, education or patient care.  We don’t see patients, we aren’t doctors or researchers or educators – but on our Resource Directory we list many organizations that do provide those services. Mission: To serve as a catalyst to improve eyesight through education, research and access to care. Vision: Making a difference in the eyes of the world. 

Grants at Work videos:  "Through the Eyes of a Child" Highlighting the collaborative and complementary efforts to deliver children's eye care in the state of Alabama.  "Making a Difference: Advancing Vision Research from Bench to Bedside" featuring the promising research activities at UAB. 

The State of Vision: Read about the Census of Alabama Eye Care Providers, a survey conducted by researchers at UAB and commissioned by ESFA as a follow-up to its 1999 Needs Assessment survey. 

Visionary Award: Recognizing extraordinary service by an organization or individual in addressing the unmet eye care needs of Alabama's citizens. Read about recipients of the Visionary Award.


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